Monday, June 18, 2012

Struggles with fertility

God DEFINITELY works in the best possible ways ever! 

We've had our struggles with infertility that we weren't so quick to share with the world, because honestly we were scared we could never have a baby. We have been so happy for our friends who are having babies, but the constant questioning of when we'll be ready to have one was breaking our hearts. We wanted to shout from the rooftops that we WERE TRYING ... but were having trouble ... and were terrified we couldn't conceive. 

We tried for a little less than 18 months before we were referred out to a fertility specialist and began the process of testing. John was tested first ... and let's just say there was CLEARLY nothing wrong with him. In an effort to not share too many details, I'll just say there was no question when the doctor read the results that he was well over the limit of capable. 

We then started researching me. After multiple tests, there was nothing more scary and wonderful to hear at the same time than hearing, "We can't find anything wrong." This was great to hear, well because of the obvious. But also very scary, because if there was nothing wrong - why was it not working for so long? 

Our doctor put me on Clomid and told me we had only 6 rounds before we had to move up to the next step of fertility treatment. Let me just say, Clomid ... that makes you have CRAZY hot flashes. At one point I had our thermostat at 65 and told John we needed to lower it. This was in April. I also should stop here to say that my comfort level is around 74 ... and John's is 68. Well he promptly told me (in the kindest way possible) that he *thought* I was having a hot flash ... because he was freezing. POOR THING! But I have to say he was such a good sport. 

Well to make a long story short ... our round of Clomid worked :)  
God is so good!!! 


  1. I love the pictures!! Congratulations!

  2. God is SO GOOD. Thankful...praising God with you, friend :)