Monday, August 2, 2010

My Boss

Can I just say that even though he may be very tough to work for and a little intimidating, I am so thankful for how he keeps me under his wing. Since I'm a temp, some people treat me like crap as I'm not an official Aflac employee. Ron always makes me feel like I am an employee and that really goes a LONG way.

Just today this lady was very snipity with me because I could not reach him on the phone and at the last moment called her back to let her know and she totally chewed me out that she didn't have time and when I tried to apologize she said "Okay, okay, okay" and hung up on me.

Well just in passing I mentioned to my boss that I was still waiting on dial in informaiton for a call he needs to be on. He asked me why and I simply told him the answer and he said put me through to her, this is unacceptable.

I just am very thankful to work for a man who cares about his staff. He's a great lead by example kind of person.