Saturday, October 2, 2010

Official Employee Now

Well, after 10 months, one separation, and a lot of tears and worrying - I'm now an official employee with Aflac!!

My journey started last December when I came in as a temp through Manpower. (Side note: I will always use Manpower when we PCS because I have had the best experience with them helping me find a job - and I would suggest this to ANY military wife that is in search of a job when they PCS start with them.)
I came into Aflac as an Administrative Assistant for 15 Market Vice Presidents of Broker Sales. This was a completely new module to this department so I was flying blind with these guys. It was a lot of work, but we got into a grove. Soon there after I was told we would be getting some extra help with the 15 guys as the department had been allowed 3 admins for these guys. Not long after (about April) I was told that the company had to help some dislocated employees and my job was bring replaced with internal employees instead of hiring me from the outside. This was so hard to accept because the department wanted to keep me but just couldn't. I was completely heartbroken as I've never been "released" from a job.
I found another position soon with a local property management company, but it turned out to be the wrong fit for me and my family.
I was blessed with a phone call from Manpower that my old team at Aflac needed me back, but on a temporary term again. I didn't care, I wanted to go "home" so I left a permanent full time position to go back to Aflac. I was now working for the department head who is known as a tough man to work for. Well maybe I just mesh well with this man, because he is really easy going and helps me learn when there's something he needs that I don't know how to do off the top of my head. He also teaches me a lot and I love the fact that my job is now a challenge.

Well I was given the opportunity to apply for this position on a permanent level in August. For the last month and a half I've been on pins and needles hoping I was the right fit for him. Well on Tuesday, September 28th I was offered the position to support Ron full time, as an official Aflac employee.


I can't wait to turn in my neon yellow badge and parking hang tag for a regular badge and actual sticker on my car!! I can't wait for the challenges ahead of me and am so blessed to be given this opportunity! I have made some of the best friends at this job that I've ever had and will take them in my heart with me where ever I go after here.