Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 weeks!

Well of course I've been behind on blogging about our baby boy ... what's new?!?

So today we are 22 weeks and 1 day - time is FLYING BY! Well we found out that our lil one is a baby boy. This is something he was NOT shy about showing us. We also had a scare at 16 weeks that he may be born with Spina Bifida but thankfully at 19 weeks we found out he is perfectly healthy and happy.

In week 20 I began to feel him move a little. I swore he was moving way before that, but I may have been just dreaming it up, because those movements were NOTHING like those I'm feeling now ... but hey I could just say he was moving (because I was seeing it on an ultrasound) but he was so small and I didn't know those little flutters were really him, LOL.

During our 21st week we took a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and that's when we REALLY felt him move. Even John could hold my tummy and feel his baby boy in there. Let me stop here to say how awesome it is to have a hubby that is so interested in this baby boy. He's so lovey with us both, and so protective. I see now, even with his baby "cooking" that he is such a great daddy - I can't wait to see how great he's going to be once our lil guy is here!

Well here's our first belly picture, I had to make sure to document his 20th week ... I've not been the best at documenting these things.