Monday, February 13, 2012

Well this is us ...

My dear child, I don't know you yet or when you will come home, but I thought I'd take a few moments to tell you what to expect so you have a little insight on this crazy family we call the Haines.

About your Dad: Your Dad has gone bonkers safety checking everything in our home, our cars, and seeks out the dangers of every place we visit with a battle ready plan for ensuring he can protect you. I watch your Daddy as he plays with kids we know, he has such a big heart and loves all of them so much (even the annoying ones he doesn't seem to be bothered by, he he he). I can't believe how much I've fallen in love with him over the last year, I truly cherish him and all he's done for me and will do for you one day too. You're very lucky to belong to him. I can't wait till he sneaks in your room at night just to make sure you're breathing. He'll act like he's just making his rounds, but I promise you - he doesn't do this for anyone else (but we'll keep his softy side a secret between us).

About your siblings: You have a sister and a brother that both have 4 legs each. They think they are people, and we don't tell them any different. The both love cookies that we spell K-U-K-I (we are not sure if they know how to spell, so we aren't taking any chances). Kisses from them are always free and in abundance. I honestly haven't figured out a way to make them stop once the get on a roll - it's best you just give in and let them take their course. I promise if they tag team you I'll save you (but I won't do it for your dad, and you shouldn't either ... its very funny watching them attack him with kisses).

Sophie will be loud, so I'm sorry in advance when she scares you - it's only her way of talking. She has this whip of a tail, so here's your warning. There may never be a time you see her without a toy in her mouth - keep a good inventory of what is yours.

Ranger is more reserved and our "old man" around the house. He's a lover but doesn't like his hands messed with or his tail pulled. If you rub his belly he will love you forever. Two of his favorite foods are potato soup and peanut butter. He's the mooch of our family so I'm sure he'll find his favorite spot to be under your highchair.

About your Grandmother: First of all you probably never want to call her grandma. She's Grammy and feels more hip with that name. She may drive you bonkers and make up silly songs, but she has a heart of gold and will always hold you when you cry - even if you're 26. I promise you I will never ever ever ever let her cut your hair - I once was walking proof her ability, trust me you don't want to find out the hard way - take my word for it. But she's the pigtail, cheerleader curls, and ruffle queen - get ready princess she's going to spoil you rotten. Don't take her for granted, she's loved you as long as I have. She won't be here forever, cherish any moment you get with her.

You have another Grandmother, I'm not sure what you'll call her, so for now she'll be Grandma Sally. You aren't her first grand baby, but I know she will love you with all she has. She's a great cook, so don't hesitate to chow down. Maybe the best thing about her is that she puts your Grandpa in his place. Grandma Sally is one strong woman - you're lucky to have her in your life as a role model.

About your Grandpa's: Yes you have 4 of them. In no specific order ...

Grandpa #1 - Grandpa Doug (your cousin Riley calls him Pappy). He's one tough guy, don't be intimidated though, he's as soft as your dad is on the inside. Your cousin Riley has softened him up for you. We don't see him as much as we'd like, but I know we'll get him away from work when you finally come home.

Grandpa #2 - Grandpa Keith. Yes, he's loud and snores like a bear. But he has a heart of gold and can't wait to scare the boys away from you. I'm sure he'll have you hunting before too long, and eating blue crabs with the best of them.

Grandpa #3 - Papaw. You will never have another grandpa named Papaw ... the mold was broken with this guy. Right now he's 94 years old. I know he won't be around for long, so I hope you come home soon so you can meet him. Papaw is a true American hero. He fought in WWII and the Korean War. He taught me what it means to love someone and what a marriage is supposed to be like. I honestly can tell you that you are blessed to be part of his family. There is no one in this world more generous and kind than this one. He can't always hear you, so speak up around him. Papaw is a gift from God, he is going to love you so much.

You have one more Grandpa. Grandpa Jim. Unfortunately God called him to heaven before you came home, but I know he's watching over you. He's the creator of Daddy sandwiches, you must try one. I miss him very much - so much more than I realized I would. I pray your Daddy loves you just as my Daddy did me. One day I'll take you to his favorite place in the world - and we'll rock hop like he taught me. I know your Daddy will teach you to fish, but he's got nothing on the Troutman peanut butter ball.

We're a oddball bunch, but we know what love is and how to share it. You're lucky to be part of this group. We pray for you every day, and can't wait to bring you home forever.